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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I’m pregnant?
Some women experience symptoms of pregnancy, but the only sure way to know if you are pregnant is to take a pregnancy test and have the results confirmed by a doctor. If you think you might be pregnant, we can help you find your answers.

Is it too soon for me to take a pregnancy test?
Most pregnancy tests will give accurate results if taken after a missed period. Tests taken before or right around the time of an expected period may or may not give accurate results. If you do not remember when your last period was or you are unsure if it is too early to test, we can help you determine when you can accurately test. 

If I am pregnant, what are my options?
If you find out that you are pregnant, you might experience a variety of emotions including excitement, worry, and fears about the future. Many women find it helpful to talk with someone about these emotions, and hear about their options. Our client advocates can meet with you in a safe and confidential setting to listen to you and help explore your options

Can you get pregnant using birth control?
Depending on the method of birth control used, failure rates can be anywhere from 1 in 100 women to 30 in 100 women. Different methods including hormonal contraceptives, intrauterine devices, and barrier devices each have different rates of effectiveness at avoiding pregnancy. The only way to know if you have become pregnant while using birth control is to take a pregnancy test and have the pregnancy confirmed by a doctor. If you think you might be pregnantwe can help you find your answers.

Is birth control safe?
Depending on which method of birth control is used, health and safety considerations will vary. Birth control that is injected, implanted, or taken in pill form is a prescribed medication, which means there may be side effects. Even if no side effects are experienced, no form of birth control is 100% effective at preventing pregnancy or preventing the hurts associated with sexual activity before you are ready. If you have questions about birth control, our client advocates can help you find your answers. 

Do you give out birth control?
We are a center for resources, information, and personalized advocacy for you. While we are a medical facility with medical services, we do not distribute birth control. It is our philosophy that sexual expression is a natural, powerful way for two committed persons to share their love for one another. This action does not require medication or barrier devices if it is practiced between persons who are committed to one another in marriage and open to new life. 

We also recognize that in some circumstances delaying pregnancy is a wise decision for married couples for reasons that the couple alone can discern. For these couples, we recommend natural methods of family planning which are clinically as effective as hormonal contraceptives, without the cost, side effects, or religious concerns related to the use of artificial contraceptives.

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