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We Offer the Following Free Services:

Pregnancy Testing, Ultrasounds, STI Testing, *Prenatal Care Appointments, Employment Services, Education Resources, Housing Assistance, Mentoring, Community Health, Health Insurance Options, and more...

Pregnancy Testing
STI Testing
Prenatal Care*
Abortion Pill Reversal

Employment and Education Resources
Housing Assistance
Pregnancy and Parenting Classes
Community Health/Health Insurance
Free Baby Clothes, Maternity Wear, and Equipment

Whether it is a concern listed above or you just need someone to talk to, you are not alone.  We are here to support you through your tough decisions.

No matter how uncertain you may feel about your current situation, encouraging and experienced client advocates are available to offer assistance and support. Our medical team provides prenatal care on-site and many helpful resources.

* labwork and delivery costs for Prenatal Care are the patients' financial responsibility.

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