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Project Healing

Are you suffering from a past abortion decision?

Susan's Story

Abortion can be an extremely traumatic experience; as a result, some women and men suffer from post abortion syndrome (PAS).  The experience may leave you with some, or many of the following symptoms:

  • shame/guilt/depression/emotional numbness/withdrawal 

  • intense grief/sadness/bouts of crying/reduced motivation/social isolation

  • anger/rage/alcohol and drug use/low self esteem/eating disorders/suicidal thoughts

  • nightmares/sleep disturbances/ feeling helpless or hopeless

  • anxiety and panic attacks/flashbacks

  • repeat crisis pregnancy/multiple abortions

  • tolerate abusive relationships/relational problems/promiscuity or frigidness

  • discomfort around babies and pregnant women

  • need for a replacement baby/"perfect" mom pattern/over-achievement/co-dependency

  • divide time into 'before' and 'after' abortion

You are not alone... there is Hope.

If you are looking to heal from an abortion experience, there are many programs to choose from. Support systems such as: weekly group meetings, weekend retreats, one on one support, online chats, or internet message boards offer assistance. Project Life can help direct you to a program tailored toward your specific needs.  

To begin your journey of healing...
Contact Project Life Staff at:
Email: advocate@stillwaterprojectlife.org
Phone: (651) 439-5964

Forgiven and Set Free

By Linda Cochrane
Forgiven and Set Free is a powerful 11 week study that helps hurting women find the path to healing through interactive Bible study. As you allow God into your heart, healing may take place. Confidential support group meetings will be held on-site at our center.

Rachel's Vineyard
Abortion creates more than an emotional wound. It may also cause a profound spiritual wound. Rachel's Vineyard Twin Cities is a weekend retreat that addresses both of these wounds and offers you a weekend healing opportunity. It is available for any woman or man who has struggled with the emotional and spiritual pain of abortion. The retreat is a chance to get away from daily pressures and focus on this painful time through a supportive and healing process. 


Interdenominational and Roman Catholic Retreats

More Online Support
Online information and connections are a safe way for those who have experienced abortion to find comfort, hope, understanding, and healing. Healing can begin in the privacy of your own home and done at your own pace.
Conquerors  http://www.nlfs.org/services/conquerors/
Abortion changes you www.abortionchangesyou.com
Safe Haven www.safehavenministries.org

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